Reliable Camper Van, convertible bed, 2002 Dodge Caravan

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I'm selling my reliable Camper Van (2002, 206 000 ks). It has seat 5 and converts into a bed (for 2) at night. It's not really Westfalia like but it works well and comes with a small electric fridge. The fridge is only powered when driving, so you can't forget to unplug it. It cools fine on road-trips. If you are stationary for a few days somewhere you need to buy ice once in a while. I was traveling 2 weeks with a friend this summer (30+ celsius), sometimes we bought some cold beers/bottle of wine/cheese/milk and the fridge kept cold enough, even on days we barely traveled.

Underneath the bed (or behind the driver seat, when converted to 5 seats) are two big boxes for cloths or whatever. Some more storage is in the back and in the box on the roof. This box is really useful, we had camping chairs, a small stove, a small table, hiking boots, daypacks and so on in there and it was not full yet.

The mechanical condition is good, engine doesn't burn any oil, has no leaks, brakes are fine. It was for a long time a family with kids vehicle, means well taken care of. It has some rust though as it is from Alberta (Alberta Number Plate !), but frame is good. It drives very smooth and everything works. Has a radio with CD Player, the battery is very good and you can charge your phones, tablets for days without the need to drive around. I even have a inverter for a laptop in it, but will take it out, as I'll need it in my new camper. It has a hitch for a bike rack. Has well working AC and power windows. No cracked windshield. (I find that worth mentioning :) )

Reason for selling is, I need something bigger with 4x4 and furnace, as I want to live all year around in it. This car was intended as interim solution for me and has served me really well for this purpose. In summer it's all you need to road trip and live in. Of course it makes a great regular car too ;).

Camper Van is on Cortes Island, return fare to Vancouver Island is already paid for.

1500 C$ obo


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